Natural Resources, Environment, and Transportation Workgroup


The Natural Resources, Environment, and Transportation Workgroup is responsible for issues relating to:



Natural Resources

Energy Conservation/Efficiency/Renewable Energy

Planning/Growth Management




In addition to staffing and monitoring various task forces and commissions relating to the workgroup’s policy areas, the workgroup conducts research and produces policy reports and fact sheets in subject areas that have become a topic of interest to the General Assembly.  Recent examples address financing environmental programs, Chesapeake Bay restoration, Smart Growth, congestion, and public-private partnerships, among others.  These reports and fact sheets can be found below (see Reports/Fact Sheets).


Reports/Fact Sheets



The workgroup also maintains data relating to the State's progress toward its various environmental, natural resources, and transportation goals (see Data Dashboards).


Data Dashboards


As part of the Legislative Handbook Series published before the start of each term, the workgroup prepared overviews of the State's environmental, natural resources, agriculture, energy, and transportation agencies and their funding sources.


Legislative Handbook Series