The Future of Code Revision


Although the formal code revision process ended with the enactment of the Alcoholic Beverages Article, the statutory duties of the Office of Policy Analysis still include:


·         making recommendations for the reclassification, rearrangement, renumbering, rewording, and other formal revision of the public general laws of Maryland; and


·         maintaining the clarity, simplicity, and consistency of style of statutory law;


Accordingly, the office intends to continue the process utilizing a more targeted, limited approach to revise discrete areas of the law in need of revision.


Note:  The material in the discussion of Code Revision relating to its history and background, how modern code revision began in Maryland, and structural changes to managing the code revision project was derived or taken directly from a written presentation by the Honorable Alan M. Wilner of the Court of Appeals (retired) given on February 14, 1994, and entitled “Blame It All on Nero:  Code Creation and Revision in Maryland.”