Health and Human Services Workgroup


The workgroup’s two principal areas of research are health and human services.  The health field incorporates issues concerning public health including emergency response, the Medicaid program (including the Maryland Children’s Health Program, Primary Adult Care program, as well as traditional Medicaid), long-term care, behavioral health (including issues concerning the developmentally disabled, individuals with serious mental illness, and individuals with substance abuse problems), private health insurance, health regulation, and health occupational licensing and regulation.  Human services issues are focused primarily on public benefit programs such as temporary cash assistance, child welfare, and child support.  Other areas of concern to the workgroup are aging and juvenile justice issues.


The workgroup responds to numerous legislative requests during the year as well as pursuing research on other topics considered of interest to legislators.  In the 2010 interim, ongoing projects include the impact of federal health reform on the State, a 10‑year retrospective on the Cigarette Restitution Fund and programs financed by that fund, a review of the implementation of medical marijuana laws in other states, the ongoing implementation of electronic health records, concerns about the development of a new federal poverty measure and the potential impact of such a measure on State programs, and a review of local health department financing and funding priorities.


The workgroup produces one biannual report, Public Benefits for Children and Families, which attempts to assess the value of the public benefits that are available to families and individuals by local jurisdiction.  Other reports are on an ad hoc basis.  In addition to formal reports, workgroup research is often incorporated into Issue Papers prepared for the Maryland General Assembly as well as operating budget documents.





Survey of Local Health Departments in Maryland (January 2013)


Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (Presentation to the Joint Republican Caucus, January 2013)


Public Benefits for Children and Families (December 2014)


Updated Estimate of the Cost of Maryland Medicaid of Federal Health Care Reform


Stem Cell Research


Health Disparities


Issue Papers



Data Dashboards