Educational Programs


Services available for visitors


·         A video about the General Assembly and the legislative process

·         A tour of the historic rooms and chambers of the Maryland State House

·         A tour of the legislative complex, including the Senate and House office buildings, the committee hearing rooms, and the tunnels linking the legislative buildings in the complex

·         Observation of proceedings from the House or Senate galleries when the legislature is in session and attending a committee hearing

·         A visit with the legislator(s) from your district, when possible

·         An age-appropriate information packet, available on advance request

·         Tours of the governor’s residence, Government House, when available

·         Programs addressing particular legislative interests or issues


Schedule a visit


Contact the Visitor Coordinator, Library and Information Services, as far in advance of your trip to Annapolis as possible, particularly if you wish to visit during the annual legislative session from January to early April.


Contact the Visitor Coordinator



410-946-5400 or 410-946-5423


301-970-5400 or 301-970-5423

Toll free in Maryland:

1-800-492-7122, ext 5400 or 5423

Text Telephone (TTY):

410-946-5401 or 301-970-5401


Information needed to schedule a visit


·         Your name and a phone number where you can be reached during business hours

·         The name of your organization, group, or school, including the grade level of your students

·         The total number in your group, including chaperones or interpreters

·         The date you wish to visit, and alternative dates if necessary

·         The time of your expected arrival and departure

·         Your group’s interests

·         The names of legislators associated with your group, if you know them

·         Any special accommodations such as wheelchair access