Bond Bills and Prior Authorizations


Legislative initiatives are used to fund individual bond bill requests.  They are bond authorization bills filed by members of the General Assembly to support specific local or non-State-owned capital projects.  These projects include, but are not limited to, health facilities, historic preservation projects, museums, and sports and recreational facilities.  Legislative initiatives are not submitted as part of the Governor’s Capital Budget.  However, as they have an impact on State finances, the Department of Legislative Services reviews them in accordance with procedures established by the Governor and the General Assembly.


Bond Bill Submissions


For guidelines to applicants seeking State grants through the submission of individual bond bills:


·         Guidelines for the Submission of Individual Bond Bill Requests to the Maryland General Assembly (November 2015)


·         "Sponsor Form" – Bond Bill Project Request Form (January 2016)



Prior Session Bond Bills


·         2008 Session Final Bond Bills


·         2009 Session Final Bond Bills


·         2010 Session Final Bond Bills


·         2011 Session Final Bond Bills


·         2012 Session Final Bond Bills


·         2013 Session Final Bond Bills


·         2014 Session Final Bond Bills


·         2015 Session Final Bond Bills


·         2016 Session Final Bond Bills



Bond Bill Dashboards


·         State Capital Spending (October 2015)


·         Capital Spending by Category (October 2015)


·         State Capital Spending – 2004 Public School Facilities Funding Goal (October 2015)



Prior Authorizations of State Debt




A prior authorization amends authorizations included in prior Maryland Consolidated Capital Bond Loans (capital budget bill).  Amendments to prior authorizations usually relate to extending the time for the recipients of the bond proceeds to obtain a matching fund or conforming the bond authorization to certain provisions required by law on the encumbrance of funds within seven years.  The changes may also relate to other provisions in the bond authorization, such as the name of the grantee or the purpose of the grant or loan.  During the 2008 session, the General Assembly streamlined the process by amending all prior authorization bills into one omnibus bill.  Starting in the 2015 session, the General Assembly further streamlined the process to longer require the introduction of prior authorization legislation unless requested as emergency legislation.  The current process is handled as legislative sponsored requests for budget committee consideration of amendments to the sessions’ MCCBL.


·         Guidelines for the Submission of Prior Authorization Requests to the Maryland General Assembly (December 2015)



·         2011 Session

Prior Authorizations to Be Included in the Capital Budget


·         2010 Session

Chapter 372/SB 1018E

SB 1018 Fiscal Note

Prior Authorization Notes


·         2009 Session

HB 1081

HB 1081 Fiscal Note


·         2012 Session

Prior Authorizations of State Debt to Fund Capital Projects – Alterations – SB 1037


·         2013 Session

Prior Authorization Bill – HB 1372

HB 1372 Fiscal Note


·         2014 Session

Senate Prior Authorization Amendments to the Capital Budget – SB 171


·         2015 Session

Authorization Amendment Requests to the Capital Budget – HB 71


·         2016 Session

Prior Authorization Requests – SB 191