Special Collections


The Library's special collections consist of documents and materials focused on the activities and responsibilities of the General Assembly. The collections are compiled in three major categories:


•           historical legislative documents;

•           newspaper clipping files; and

•           vertical files.


Historical Legislative Documents


•           House and Senate Bills, 1832-Present (1996-present available online)

•           Laws of Maryland, 1637-Present (2007 present available online)

•           House Journals, 1841-Present (2007-present available online)

•           Senate Journals, 1828 and 1838-Present (2007-present available online)

•           Subject, sponsor, and statute indexes to introduced bills, 1908-Present (2006-present available online)

•           Standing committees' bill files, 1975-Present

•           Legislative Council files, 1965-1976

•           Daily Synopsis of Bills and Resolutions, 1973-Present (1996-present available online)

•           Hearing Schedules, session and interim, 1970-Present (November 2012-present available online)

•           Bill Fiscal Notes, 1968-Present (1996-present available online)


Newspaper Clipping Files


Since 1966, Library staff has reviewed and clipped newspapers for articles about the activities of the General Assembly, the Executive and Judicial Branches of Maryland government, issues related to pending legislation, relevant activities of the federal government and other states, and other items pertinent to the duties and responsibilities of the General Assembly. Currently, staff reviews the major daily newspapers in Maryland, selected Maryland regional weeklies, as well as the Washington Post, Washington Times, Washington Business Journal, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.


The newspaper clippings serve as the basis for a publication known as the Maryland Clipper, initiated by the Library in the 1980s for legislators and staff. The publication schedule for the Clipper is daily during the session and weekly during the interim.


Vertical Files


The vertical file materials consist primarily of documents obtained by the Library that are of current or limited use. These materials do not meet criteria for formal accession and cataloging as part of the Library's permanent collection.