Security in the Legislative Complex


Buildings in the capitol complex are accessible only through specified entrances. The State House has two entrances open to the public, one on the first floor and the other on the ground floor. Both are on the Lawyers' Mall side of State Circle. Visitors may enter the Miller Senate Building and the House Office Building at their main entrances on Bladen Street. The Legislative Services Building is accessible at the entrance on Lawyers' Mall.


To enter a building, visitors must present a photo identification card, such as a driver's license, and pass through a metal detector. Security officers also search bags and other personal effects. Temporary badges are then issued and must be kept visible for the duration of the visit.


Large groups should allow extra time to get through security. In order to speed up entry to the legislative complex, visitors are urged not to bring extra bags, such as backpacks, into the complex unless absolutely necessary.


Legislators and legislative staff are required to wear photo badges. Other employees of the State of Maryland are allowed access to the complex on presentation and display of their State photo badges.