Reports/Fact Sheets




Solid Waste Management and Recycling in Maryland, January 2017


Maryland Fishing and Hunting Licenses, Permits, and Stamps, November 2016


Pollinator Health and the Use of Neonicotinoids in Maryland, October 2015


Cleaning Up the Chesapeake Bay:  Maryland's Current Policy Framework, Progress, and Implementation Costs, November 2014


Using Surveillance Technology to Protect Marine Resources in Maryland, September 2014


Chesapeake Bay Restoration Strategies:  Agricultural Certainty, Cover Crops, and Nutrient Trading, November 2013


Stormwater Remediation Fees in Maryland:  Local Implementation of House Bill 987 of 2012, November 2013


The Use of Certain Animal Drugs in Maryland Agriculture:  Context and Considerations, October 2013


Fostering Shellfish Aquaculture Production in Maryland and Other States, January 2013


Task Force on the Establishment of a Statewide Spay/Neuter Fund, December 2012


Achieving the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Mandate in Maryland, December 2012


Transportation Revenue Options (Ways and Means Committee Presentation, December 2012)


Financing Options for Transit Expansion Report (November 2012)


Marcellus Shale Report (January 2012)


Financing Environmental Programs in Maryland:  Many Shades of Green (2009)


Cleaning Up the Chesapeake Bay:  An Overview of the New Framework to Guide Restoration Efforts (2009)


Update on Smart Growth and Planning Policy in Maryland (2009)


Climate Change Policy and Maryland:  Issues to Consider in the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Debate (2009)  


Congestion in Maryland:  A Bumper to Bumper Analysis (2008)


Chesapeake Bay Restoration and the Tributary Strategy:  An Analysis of Maryland’s Efforts to Meet the Nutrient and Sediment

Reduction Goals of the Chesapeake 2000 Agreement (2007)


The Road to Privatization:  Implications of Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation Projects (2006)


An Overview of California’s Low Emission Vehicle Program and Efforts to Implement It in Maryland and Other States (2006)


Power Plant Emissions in Maryland:  An Overview of the Problem and Efforts to Implement a Multi-pollutant Approach

to Reduce Emissions (2005)


Congestion Pricing:  A Potential Tool for Reducing Congestion on Maryland’s Roadways (2005)



Fact Sheets


Program Open Space:  An Overview of Land Preservation Programs in Maryland (2015)

Local Stormwater Management Information Update (2014)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Clean Power Plan (2014)

Bay Restoration Fund:  Background (2011)

Bay Restoration Fund:  Linkage to Debt Policy Considerations (2011)

Cleaning Up the Chesapeake Bay:  The Current Policy Framework (2011)

Maryland's Watershed Implementation Plan:  Impact on Transportation (2011)