Courts, Criminal Justice, and Civil Matters Workgroup


The Courts, Criminal Justice, and Civil Matters Workgroup is responsible for issues relating to the Maryland courts, the criminal and civil justice systems, and public safety.  Major policy areas covered by the workgroup include:


Civil Proceedings

Gambling Regulations

Correctional Services

Juvenile Law

Courts & Related Agencies

Motor Vehicle Laws

Estates & Trusts

Public Safety

Family Law

Real Property


The workgroup conducts research, collects data, and prepares various publications related to its responsibilities.  As part of the Legislative Handbook Series published before the start of each term of the General Assembly, the workgroup prepares detailed overviews of:  (1) the Maryland courts and related agencies; (2) State public safety services; and (3) Maryland’s criminal and juvenile justice process.


Legislative Handbook Series


            Volume II – Government Services in Maryland, Chapter 4.  Courts and Related Offices


            Volume II – Government Services in Maryland, Chapter 5.  Public Safety


            Volume VIII – Maryland Criminal and Juvenile Justice Process


The workgroup also summarizes opinions issued by the Maryland Court of Appeals in cases of particular legislative significance and publishes the summaries in the Court of Appeals Cases and Decisions Update prepared each year before the start of the session of the General Assembly.


Reports submitted to the Governor and the General Assembly by various special task forces, committees, and commissions staffed by the workgroup are also prepared.  For example, the Report of the Maryland Judicial Compensation Commission reviews compensation for judges every four years and submits a report of its findings and recommendations.


Additionally, the workgroup assists in referring an individual to an appropriate State agency or any other organization that may be able to provide information in response to an individual’s inquiry.  You may access a comprehensive list of links to State agencies and other organizations that may be able to respond to a specific inquiry related to one of the workgroup’s policy areas.




            Special Joint Commission on Public Safety and Security In State and Local Correctional Facilities

            Court of Appeals Cases and Decisions Update

            Task Force to Study The Laws and Policies Relating To Representation Of Indigent Criminal Defendants By The Office Of The                Public Defender

            Task Force To Study The Applicability Of The Maryland Prevailing Wage Law

            Public Safety and Policing Workgroup

            Guide to Drunk and Drugged Driving Laws


Data Dashboards