Organizational Structure


Office of Policy Analysis (OPA)


In the Office of Policy Analysis (OPA), staff works in one of three functional areas: Fiscal and Policy Analysis, Legislation and Committee Support, or Library and Information Services. Fiscal and Policy Analysis staff works in the areas of budget and fiscal review and analysis. Staff also prepares an estimate of the cost of every bill introduced during the legislative session. The area of Legislation includes legislative and amendment drafting, statutory revision, and legal review and analysis. Committee Support comprises staff that provides professional services to all legislative committees, subcommittees, commissions, and task forces. Library and Information Services serves the legislature, staff, and the public through the operation of the legislative library and the provision of public information services about legislative activities.


In addition to their functional responsibilities, OPA staff works in policy-related groups that operate during the legislative interim to review and analyze issues in subject areas such as business, technology, and economic development; courts and civil matters; criminal justice and public safety; education; fiscal planning; health; human services; intergovernmental matters; legal matters; natural resources, environment, and transportation; program review and special projects; public administration; and taxes and revenues. The primary purpose of the work groups is to foster the development of subject-area expertise in order to support the multidisciplinary research needs of the committees during the interim and to answer legislative inquiries.


Additionally, the office maintains an active publication program to fulfill its statutory charge to conduct general research studies, develop options, make recommendations, and report to the General Assembly on various fiscal and policy matters.