Professional Careers in Public Policy

Office of the Executive Director


The Executive Director provides overall direction and has ultimate authority and responsibility for the administration of the Department of Legislative Services and the functions and activities of its divisions.  The Executive Director is assisted by an executive assistant and support staff in performing the many diverse activities of this office, including helping to formulate and implement Department policies and coordination of multiple functions.  The executive assistant to the Executive Director provides professional staff support to the Legislative Policy Committee and its Management Subcommittee, the Joint Advisory Committee on Legislative Data Systems, and the Joint Committee on the Selection of the State Treasurer.  At the beginning of each election cycle, new legislator orientation is also coordinated within this Office. Additionally, the General Assembly employs a full-time Ethics Counsel who is responsible for advising legislators regarding the applications of the Ethics Law.  Finance and Administrative Services, Legislative Document Management, SAP Technical Services and Human Resources for the Department and the General Assembly are carried out under this office. 


Finance and Administrative Services


Functions of the Finance and Administrative Services include accounts payable and receivable, budgeting and financial reporting, procurement, facilities management, and telecommunications.


Other functions include distribution of mail, legislative bills, and resolutions, and sale of legislative materials to the public.  The unit employs a wide range of professional and support staff including accountants, upper-level administrators, and specialized administrative and support staff.  Professional staff positions require a bachelor’s degree or extensive experience in the specialty.  Selection of other staff is based on educational background and prior experience.


Legislative Document Management


Legislative Document Management is a multifaceted operation that produces all legislative documents, including bills and other official documents of the General Assembly, as well as departmental reports and materials.  Responsibilities include data entry, proofreading, graphic design, and the operation of a full service print shop.  Career opportunities include those found in proofreading and editing, data entry, graphic design, and the printing industry.


SAP Technical Services


The SAP Technical Services team provides technical support primarily for Human Resources and Finance and Administrative Services, as well as all SAP users in the Department of Legislative Services and the Maryland General Assembly. The services provided include design, development, maintenance, training, and support of the SAP Systems.


Human Resources


The Human Resources Office is responsible for human resource activities for the employees of the Department and the General Assembly.  Specific functions include recruitment, training and orientation, benefits coordination, records processing, and related activities required to maintain personnel services.  The Human Resources Coordinator develops personnel policy and procedures, advises management on pertinent employment issues, provides guidance to employees regarding departmental procedures, and maintains oversight of legal issues in the labor and employment area.  This unit also includes the coordinator for the General Assembly’s page and intern programs that provide opportunities for students from Maryland high schools and colleges to participate in the work of the legislature.


Professional and support staff includes upper-level administrators and specialized administrative and support staff.  Professional and staff positions require a bachelor’s degree or extensive experience.  Other staff positions require various educational backgrounds and work-related experience.


Applicants interested in positions in the Office of the Executive Director, Department of Legislative Services, should contact the Human Resources Office, Department of Legislative Services, 90 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401 or call (410) 946-5120 or (301) 970-5120.