Measuring Maryland's Progress


The Office of Policy Analysis (OPA) is a unit of the nonpartisan Department of Legislative Services.  OPA’s policy analysts routinely collect and analyze data concerning key aspects of our State and its government.  This page reports and summarizes in graphical form the results of those efforts in selected policy areas as a service to the legislature and the public.  Information is organized under the headings listed below.  To use this page just click on the button to the subject area you desire to view.  The graphs are stored in PDF format, as are most other materials on the General Assembly site.   


Like most of the Internet, this page will always be “under development” as we look for new and more interesting ways to observe and depict our State and its government.  Note that all charts are updated with the latest available data which, depending on the subject area, may be a year old.  Please contribute to the effort by emailing comments and suggestions to Measuring Maryland's Progress.