Intergovernmental Matters and Public Administration Workgroup


The Intergovernmental Matters and Public Administration Workgroup is responsible for issues relating to federal, State, and local relations and governmental procedures such as elections, ethics, and procurement.  Major policy areas covered by the workgroup include:


Intergovernmental Matters


Federal and State Mandates

Federal, State, and Local Relationships

International Immigration

Local Government Finances

Local Taxing Authority and Tax Rates

State Aid to Local Governments

Structure and Powers of Local Governments


Public Administration

Administrative Procedure Act



Local Planning and Zoning

Governmental Procedures


State Information Technology Oversight



Each year the workgroup publishes several reports pertaining to fiscal and social issues confronting local governments in Maryland.  The Overview of Maryland Local Governments report provides updated information on local finances and demographics.  The Local Government Finances report contains detailed revenue, expenditure, and pension data for each county and municipality in Maryland.  The Balance Sheet report provides a comparison of the amount of State revenues collected in each county to the amount of State financial assistance received.  The Tax Differentials and Tax Rebates report summarizes local property tax set-off programs for municipalities.  The Managing Growth report discusses the use of development impact fees and building excise taxes in Maryland.  The Tax Capacity and Effort report features county profiles of tax capacity and effort for each of the eight major sources of local revenues.


In addition, the workgroup conducts research and produces policy reports in subject areas that have become a topic of interest to the General Assembly.  Recent examples include the following:  The International Immigration:  Impact on Maryland Communities report focuses on the legal and fiscal issues surrounding immigration and the effect it has on the State’s communities.  The Barriers to Voting: Individuals under Guardianship for Mental Disability report discusses various aspects of Maryland law, the law in other states, case law regarding the exclusion of individuals with mental disabilities from voting, applicable federal law, and other issues.  The Election Day Registration report explores the history and cost of implementing election day registration in Maryland.


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Special Reports


State Aid Reports


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