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 Dashboards on public safety are intended to provide an overview of criminal justice in Maryland. The topics highlighted in these dashboards are frequently in the news and include data on juvenile and adult arrests, adult corrections, juvenile confinement, and traffic fatality trends.  The dashboards deal primarily with some of the offenses that capture public attention and, as a result, are of concern to policymakers.  The dashboards are not an exhaustive representation of crime or its impacts on Maryland. They are intended to provide a snapshot of how public safety issues affect the State.




Crime in Maryland


Overall, crime rates in Maryland and nationally declined during the Great Recession, and have continued to decline despite uncertain economic conditions, countering the historical trend of increasing crime rates during economic downturns.


Motor vehicle theft rates in Maryland historically outpaced national motor vehicle theft rates; however, the number of offenses in Maryland declined in recent years and is nearly equivalent to the national rate.





December 2015

Maryland Adult and Juvenile Arrests


Despite a period of significant increases during the decade, the overall number of adult arrests declined in recent years.


Although there has been some fluctuation, the number of juvenile arrests has declined over the decade.


December 2015

State, Local, and Community Correction Populations


State correctional populations declined during the decade.  In the same period, local detention center populations initially trended higher.  However, in more recent years, local detention populations have declined to somewhat less than the level shown at the beginning of the period.


On average, for the past decade, for every one offender housed in a State correctional facility, three offenders are under community supervision.


Populations under criminal supervision (i.e., parole or probation) have also declined during the last five years.



June 2016

Juvenile Services in Maryland


Overall, the number of committed residential placements for juveniles declined; including out-of-state committed residential placements which generally declined to 2010 levels. 


Recidivism rates for juveniles, as indicated by re-arrests, remained well over 50% from fiscal 2004 to 2013, while recommitment rates averaged about 14%.  The Department of Juvenile Services has altered its methodology for calculating recidivism.  As a result, fiscal 2014 data is unavailable for comparison.







December 2015

Maryland Traffic Fatalities


With regard to traffic fatalities, in recent years the total number of traffic fatalities due to alcohol and/or drug impairment generally remained fairly constant except for 2013 where there was a reduction in the number of impairment fatalities.  The number of total highway fatalities (regardless of cause) generally declined (before an increase in total highway fatalities in 2012).


Highway fatalities due to alcohol and/or drug impairment affecting young drivers (ages 16 to 20) fluctuated during the decade, with a sharp reduction in 2013, while fatalities affecting drivers age 21 and older due to alcohol and/or drug impairment tended to plateau in the last three years, after fluctuating earlier in the decade.


The Motor Vehicle Administration Maryland Office of Highway Safety is in the process of converting traffic data for compatibility with a new statewide Automated Crash Reporting System.  As a result, data for 2014 is unavailable.



December 2015




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