Frequently Asked Questions


The Department of Legislative Services (DLS) is the central, professional staffing agency, providing a number of services for the Maryland General Assembly.  These “Frequently Asked Questions” should help you determine where to go in DLS for these various services.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Services

          What services are available for individuals with disabilities?



How do I get a copy of an audit report and other audit information?


Bill and Amendment Drafting

Who drafts bills?

Where can I get a copy of a bill?

How can I get an amendment prepared?

Where can I get a copy of an amendment?


Bill Status and Legislative Information

Where can I find information about the status of a bill?


Budget Information

Where can I find information about the Budget?


Distribution Services

Where do I pick up bills?


Fiscal and Policy Notes on Legislation

What are Fiscal Notes and where can I find them?

Where do I get reports prepared by the Office of Policy Analysis?



How do I find out about available positions in the Department of Legislative Services?


Library and Information Services

What kinds of research resources are available to me?

How do I schedule a tour?

Where can I find audio of floor proceedings and audio and video of committee hearings and briefings?


Public Information Act

          What is the Maryland Public Information Act?

          Who should I contact for information?


Student Programs (Session Only)

How do I become an Intern for the General Assembly?

How do I become a Page?